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Let Nobody Steal Your Dream Or Youtube The Day Before We ve Got Flagged And The Day After

Let Nobody Steal Your Dream Or Youtube The Day Before We ve Got Flagged And The Day After

Please Reactivate My YouTube Channel An Amazing Personal Story from sim power team on Vimeo.

This video is not mine, Dan Fossard made this amazing personal video.

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Let Nobody Steal Your Dream Or Youtube The Day Before We ve Got Flagged And The Day After



Let nobody steal your dream, is the title and it is so true, just like in the video from #DanFossard a nice guy with 399 videos on Youtube, after years of hard work making all his videos someone "Flagged"  Dan, just the same thing happended to me one day after he was flagged at Youtube. I had a strange feeling and so I decided to make a few screenshots of my "healty" Youtube channel.
I am not completely banned like Dan, but all the hard work we ve put into our videos and yes we are marketers and yes we put videos on Youtube because it is the second largest search engine, owned by.....yes Google, as Blogger where you are reading this post right now.
Just like Dan, I have never spammed anyone, always treated people with respect and always stay in close contact with my subscribers. Never had any Problems with Youtube and suddenly, and this is the worst part of this, without any notice from Youtube most of my videos where deleted.
Don t forget, when putting video s on Youtube always, always make a backup, gladly I did, no one is stopping me from becoming successful, no Google, no Youtube and last but not least not the person who flagged me.
I am just wondering, who flagged me? Why not giving me a thumbs down, that would be okay, no problem with that but Flag me? I am an internet marketer and I love it, this is my life and my honest way of earning money by helping others to become successful.
Dan Fossard and I have the same Mentor and believe me we learn how to market the right way, but it seems that there are persons who don t want us to become successful because they are not successful.
We know who you are, we are clever marketers, there is software who can "dive" into the history, even if this is deleted, we all know these data is still on some servers out there, we will find you. And no, not to harm you but I want to hear froim you personal why you flagged me, the reasons, when there are any.

And to the worker at Google, or Youtube who pressed the delete button, did you take a few seconds of your 8 hour madness called work life to contact me? Do you know what ve you done? You don t care, you just want to please your boss and get some money at the end of the month to pay your bills and your car payments  and your rent. You don t like it when other people live the lifestyle you ve always dreamed about, but you choose to have "a secure job" you decided to sell your time nothing more.
You can t stop us, how many times you will delete our Youtube videos or accounts, you can t stop us, because we believe in what we do, we believe in helping others and we believe in other people we are driven, we are motivated and we have our goals, our mindsets are already programmed to be successful.

The more you will treat us like underdogs, the more accounts we will create, the more you treat us as those marketers we will help more and more people to become successful, this is our lifestyle and our dreams and our goals, no one not even Google and not even Youtube can take our birthright of Freedom away, never.

 For all the haters, the No sayers, the tyre kickers to all the " I am not successful,so why you should be?" ones, listen to this song, "I Am" by the son of the mighty Peter Tosh, we are unstoppable because we believe in ourselves, other like minded people, our leaders, our mentors and the Universe!
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