woensdag 12 februari 2014

Third World - 96 Degrees In The Shade (Live at Reggae On The River) Bunny Rugs

Third World - 96 Degrees In The Shade (Live at Reggae On The River) Bunny Rugs


Third World - 96 Degrees In The Shade (Live at Reggae On The River) Bunny Rugs

Bunny Rugs-Third World band, leadsinger Third World-Reggae
#BunnyRugs the leadsinger and founding member of Third World.

Bunny Rugs passed away, a short message I just got, a short message about a man who is the founding member of one of the greatest reggae bands in the Universe, Third World. As a kid one of my first vinyl records my mother bought me was the famous "96 Degrees In The Shade" . Not so long ago I bought the first 3 albums of Third World and of course on vinyl, by the way, I only buy and play vinyl, sounds better, looks better and feels better.

BunnyRugs-William Bunny Rugs Clarke-third world-reggae-memorial services-workwithroemer
When you got a message like this one and surely brings back those sweet memories, my first girlfriend, listening together to third world and yes times flies by, my grandfather always use to say to me when I was young, "time goes faster and faster as you get older"  I laughed at him.....then. Now I am 50 years young and how right my grandfather was. sometimes when you get messages like this one about Bunny Bugs has left the earth and went to meet Jah, suddenly I realize time goes fast and we must live the life as tomorrow could be the last day and yes it brings me back to one of my own Big WHY I started with the internet marketing Industry, Freedom, to choose where to live, where to work, how long I will work and I can choose the people I want to work with and I can travel the world, and yes Jamaica is on my "travel bucket list" the must have seen places.
Thank you Bunny Rugs for the music, your sweet voice and so many sweet memories. 
I put on a vinyl third world record and I play "Dreamland" We love you Bunny rest in peace!
William Bunny Bugs Clarke memorial services-workwithroemer-third world

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