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The Most Badass Internet Marketer On This Planet Sharing Some Ninja Marketing Secrets

The Most Badass Internet Marketer On This Planet Sharing Some Ninja Marketing Secrets

 It all started with some videos recorded in the mountains of Costa Rica

The Most Badass Internet Marketer On This Planet Sharing Some Ninja Marketing Secrets

David Wood, for me still the Badass internet marketer number Uno walking on stage bare feet the man who revolutionized the whole network marketing industry with a big, huge bang, founding empower network together with badass internet marketer number tow, Dave Sharpe.
It is still an amazing story and believe me one day even the producers of Hollywood movies will "discover" how UNBELIEVABLE and AMAZING their success story really is.
David Wood, started years ago from his old, rusty van from the beaches of Hawaii, even his first blog post profile picture was taken from the roof with the sea at the background, of his van.
Who doesn t remember the epic video of David Wood, running into the sea, while screening!
You can think about empower network whatever you want, although it is the greatest company in the world we prefer the name "The People s Company" while empower network has changed so many lives, and still does on a daily basis, but there will be nobody who will deny that  David Wood is a brilliant marketer and a nice guy too, but there are always the naysayers, the negative ones who don t like him.


During some "heavy times" David Wood went through, the whole empower network community was thinking about him and prayed fore him and share the love for him, this again just proved that it is not all about the money alone, it is about empowering people and we are so glad for David Wood to see him so happy with his new family, he looks so happy, good for you David!!

Empower Network is growing, and it is growing fast, Chine is about to get "empowered" and Russia is about to get "empowered" The beautiful people from India are spreading the words of empower network already and other countries will soon follow, but today our thoughts and prayers goes out to his "brother in arms" friend and co founder of empower network, Dave Sharpe.
Dave Sharpe is going through difficult times right now and we just want to share here that we are thinking about him and praying for him and his family, "Dave you ve empowered so many people from all over the world, it is time to think about you and your family right now, we are with you brother and we pray for you and your family, thanks for being you!


Yes I know This Internet Thing Already I Do Not Know How To Sell Stuff

Yes I know This Internet Thing Already I Do Not Know How To Sell Stuff


Yes I know This Internet Thing Already I Do Not Know How To Sell Stuff
It is funny, when you talk to people about internet marketing and they don t realize that our business is mainly a "selling stuff" business.
By hearing the words Selling Stuff most people reactions are almost always the same: " I don t know how to sell stuff, I don t like selling stuff".
But the truth is, we are all used to buy stuff and we are used that other people or companies are selling us more stuff.

"Do you want a large French fries and do you want a large coke?"


Sounds familiar? Big fast food companies do this "selling stuff" every second but we are all except this and find these selling stuff thing normal. By the way, by just asking for a large French fries this fast food company earns an extra few Millions per year per country. Just by asking/selling stuff.

We are all the best salespersons on this planet

In our internet marketing business there is no difference between selling stuff as showed you in our example here. Most people still feel a little negative when you start talking about the selling stuff thing, but we are all the best sales people ever on this planet and yes, you, dear reader, too!

Just think about a kid who want s a dog, and you as a father or a mother don t want a dog in the house for several reasons (no I don t hate dogs, I love them, this is just an example folks:)  ), but your kid is begging you and is telling you all the things he or she will do when he or she will get the dog.
Washing dad s car on Saturday, helping you with shopping, etc. We all know that at the moment the kid gets his or her dog, soon the promises he or she made, vanished, it is all about  selling stuff :) Sounds familiar?

Children are by far the best salespersons in the world

We, the internet marketers sell stuff, that s our core business and when you are thinking about starting your own home based business, you will soon find out that the home based business is also all about selling stuff.

But most marketers are still pitching their prospects

Marketers are pitching too much, "you must built your list" is one of the first thing internet marketers will hear and learn after they joined a (internet) marketing company and yes, this was true, a fewer years ago.
The problem is that 98% of all marketers who are building a list are communicating the old school and wrong way with their subscribers, bombing them with emails containing the pitch to buy, buy and.... buy stuff, most marketers seems to forget that the people on their list, are also on many other lists and guess what they get in their email inbox everyday, right, pitching emails.
The fact is that the open rate of emails from emails list dropped down dramatically over the last years, nobody seems to be interested in your offer anymore, worse, they don t open your emails anymore!



Many marketers who'll quit the internet marketing business because they don t sell anything, nobody seems interested in their product/system of the century offer.
But the truth is, every 2 seconds someone on this planet starts with a home based business and is looking for a realistic and profitable opportunity, so the market is really Huge, I mean Mega Huge.
Most Marketers also fail after some months because lack of success, it is all too difficult, setting up a blog, an auto responder, creating landing pages, and most of all, getting a lot of (free) traffic to their blog, or landing pages.
There is a fully automated system almost ready to launch worldwide, which has been in development for the last years secretly. No one push button software or system but a complete ready to fire system that really works, and the best part, this is, during the pre launch period completely free to join, so you can look and test the whole system. And I tell you this works, it really does.



YES, as told before, this complete automated system is free during the pre launch period, you can test everything and even make a lot of money with it, before you start to pay for something, there is no better way to test something out there and this fully automated state of the art marketing system will blow you away, that s a fact.
Please click the Lock arms button to start your "test run" thank me later for this tip.

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A Secret Meeting That Could Change Your Marketing Career Forever Is The Most Talked About Event Right Now

A Secret Meeting That Could Change Your Marketing Career Forever Is The Most Talked About Event Right Now

A Secret Meeting That Could Change Your Marketing Career Forever Is The Most Talked About Event Right Now
It doesn t matter if your are a network marketer, an internet marketer or looking for a home based business you already know, or soon find out that the most important thing you will need is traffic.
Everybody is talking about building a list and mail your subscribers everyday.

People are sick and tired getting tons of emails everyday


And it is getting worse, most of the people on different email subscriber lists don t even open up (your) emails!

Almost nobody is talking about this, we do!

You know how it worked( until now) You have a landing page, people opt in being redirected to your offer and when they don t buy the first time, the average time people are buying is after 7 times seeing the offer, you will slam them with pitching emails everyday, with links sending them right back to the offer, correct? You re not the only one, 98% of all (internet) marketers are marketing this way. It is over and done, nobody is opening (your) emails anymore, and you know it!

They have been working the last four years in secret developing this fully automated system.





This is short and sweet, it really doesn t matter if your are with empower network and need a fully automated system to explode your business, or other internet marketing businesses this is the system for you, no more worries about getting tons of targeted traffic to the landing pages that really converts, no worries about getting sales, no worries about getting the upsells, no worries about calling your prospects, they are doing this all for you, at no extra costs!

If you re really serious about your home based business or network marketing or your internet marketing  this is it and the best part is that this is free during the pre launch so you can take a look for yourself, so don t wait too long, you ve nothing to loose, it is absolutely free keep your credit cards in your pockets, we don t want them!


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Woodstock The new Generation Movement In The 60s Empower Network The New Generation Movement Now

Woodstock The new Generation Movement  In The 60s  Empower Network The New Generation Movement Now

Empower Network The New Generation Movement 2014
It sounds weird and perhaps a little stupid too when you re reading the title above this Blog Post, but when you really start to think about it Woodstock in the 60s a whole young new generation movement was born, the famous 3 day concert at Woodstock was and is an event what will never come again, but is was and is an important happening for a whole new generation, a new peace movement was born.
For me the Empower Network company, We prefer the Peoples company shook up the whole internet marketing and network marketing generation right after they started back in 2011. A whole new generation of internet marketers was born, people who never had made any money on the internet suddenly start making money.
Many people like Paulo Barroso, Tracey Walker, Nicole Cooper, Lorene Tan, Tony Rush and Miles Segers who happens to be one of my mentors are making Millions a year.
This is not just another internet marketing deal this is a whole new way of living, of thinking and of earning money online.
Their live events are already historic and epic and event after event more and more people from all over the world are attending these events.
The simple 3 steps easy to follow system is made for everyone, the people s company already paid out almost $70.000.000 on commissions last year in 2013,
To all the Naysayers and the Negatives who are still standing at the side line waiting for the proof :


So, don't. Wait at the side lines anymore and join or don t spread the negative word about this fabulous company who empowers people and have changed so many lives already, it is really that simple.
You can hate us for all the successes our people have, you can hate us for all the people who have changed their lives, you can hate us for creating more Millionaires in one year than in other companies, you can hate us because you don t have the success we have, but you can t ignore us, we grow at warpspeed and after most of our products are already subtitled in 5 different languages people are having more sales than ever and have more success and more money than in other companies on this planet.

The Only Company where you learn the real marketing tips and tricks


And together with the best marketing system on this planet from the master of getting traffic Vick Strizheus, this combination of the best marketing products ever in combination with the best marketing system ever, this is the place to be if you re really serious about internet marketing and building a business for years.








My facebookpage:  https://www.facebook.com/workwithroemer
Please also visit: http://www.youtube.com 

The Real Inside Look At The People s Company Office And Some Cool Marketing Tips

The Real Inside Look At The People s Company Office And Some Cool Marketing Tips

It is funny, that "checking" the most successful and most talked about marketing company on this planet, if " They are for real" by visiting their offices, is something most marketers don t even think about.
But the truth is, most of the internet marketing companies and the people behind it, are mostly not so real as they are trying you to believe they are.
Most of the companies out here only have some "shiny" Landing pages" or "internet sites" but when you re really try to get a hold of them, you will end finding out that there is only a box office and an email address nobody answer when you contact them when you ve some questions etc.

Not with Empower Network, the People s Company

They are for real, real people real success stories, real products that helped already Hundred thousands of marketers from all over the world, and real offices with real people working day and night to make th products even better to help you to become successful too and with an outstanding and ultra fast friendly customers service and yes you can reach them by phone too!

It is about the time YOU lock arms with !


Like the guy in the video here, Paulo Barroso started a year ago, Broke, after being an internet marketer for more than 7 years earning almost nothing, after joining the People s company he s a Millionaire and is living the life of his dreams, traveling the world and building large teams with people from all over the world.

Let s lock arms right now, your first thing to do right now is to click the link for the latest info video made by one of world s best , most successful and "weird" internet marketer David Wood Click right HERE
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Berlin SEO Services How To Get Your Internet Website Ranked High Within Minutes And Your Internet Business Fully Automated

Berlin SEO Services How To Get Your Internet Website Ranked High Within Minutes And Your Internet Business Fully Automated


Berlin SEO Services How To Get Your Internet Website Ranked High Within Minutes And Your Internet Business Fully Automated

Many Website owners are having major difficulties to rank the internet website high, or at the first page of the search engines. More people within the internet business are still dreaming of a fully automated internet business.
The so called "see specialists" are charging ridiculous sums of your hard earned money to get your internet website ranked high at the search engines, and it is getting worse, when your site is ranked after weeks or even months, you will notice that after some days your website is already gone from the first pages of the search engines. So all the money you paid, is lost!
I promise you once up at the first page of Google and other search engines, you will stay there with your internet website. Further more if you are looking for a fully automated internet business please click right HERE for the free webinar, you will be amazed I promise.
For questions on how Berlin SEO Services get your internet website ranked high within minutes and your internet business fully automated click right HERE


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The Value You Choose You Are Worth Instead Of Getting Paid By The Hour Is Life Changing

The Value You Choose You Are Instead Of Getting Paid By The Hour Is Life Changing


The value you choose you are instead of getting paid by the hour is life changing

There is a worldwide "awareness" going on, people are "waking up" out of the 8 hour workday madness called "work".
After the first worldwide crisis where so many people have lost their jobs, their "thought they have security" their believe in the future. When you are start thinking about this, most of the things our parents reached us, the school reached us, the government reached us, just vanished.
It is unbelievable now, that my parents talked to me as a kid: "go to school, learn everyday, do your homework" and when I grew up: "Get a job, buy a house" we all know these "lessons" we all know by now (most of us) that there ins t a secure job any more, people lost their jobs, their homes almost everything they worked for and believed in within days during the financial crisis. It was and is shocking to see families getting broke within weeks after working for years and years living from paycheck to paycheck and still believing in the security and safety of a steady 9 to 5 job, I call now the 8 hour workday madness.
Every few minutes someone on this beautiful planet starts a home based business, this means people don t believe in the government lies anymore to start working and earn the tax money and living from paycheck to the next paycheck.

People from all over the world are sick and tired of the lies of the government

Your boss don t care about you, you re just "selling" your hours for the work everyday, they want you to become 100% dependable of them, that is what I mean with living from paycheck to paycheck, when you sit down for a minute and start to calculate how much from your paycheck you actually MUST use to keep working? I mean your car payments to drive to work, the gas to put in the cars, your home payments , clothes , food calculate them and you will be shocked, 60% from your paycheck you reinvest in the next week or month only to be able to go to work, think about that, this is the truly 8 hour workday madness called work.

Wake up from the 8 hour workday madness called work


"Normal" people from all over the world want to change their lives, change the way they earn money, change the way they communicate with others, change the way of doing business, change the way of earning. Money, change the way of building a real recurring monthly income, change the way of thinking change the way to work with other people, change the way we teach and train people.

So many people are thinking about starting a home based business

Why are people starting a home based business?
1. Work from home, you can work from anywhere on this planet
2. You decide when you work and how long you work
3. No boss, you who decides what to do, how to do and from where you do this.
4. The possibility to build a recurring monthly income, even when you decide to take some time off.
5. You decide from where you wan to work, from the beach with your laptop or a tablet, traveling the world and earning money.
6. Working with like minded people who don t want your position like in a "normal job" but are open and willing to share the latest marketing secrets, just to help you.
surround you with like minded people from all over the world, it will lift you up, and also your business, promised.
7.Working with people from all over the world, so your business will never sleep, even if you do.
8.Self improvement, with the right company, you start to learn those things the government Dian t wanted you to know, your mindset will change, your way of living will change, how you interact with people will change, the way of doing business will change and the way you get paid will change.
9. Empower others to become successful within your business, these things you won t notice and feel in a normal job.
10. To work with other to help them become successful is the best feeling you can get, period.
The problems people face when starting a home based business.
1. You re your own boss, there is nobody to kick you out of your bed in the morning
2. So much to learn, many people get a little overwhelmed when starting a home based business
3. 87% starts with the wrong company the first time they start a home based business.
4. Most of the people are too focused about earning money, and earn..... nothing
5. Most people who start with the home based business industry will quit within 3 months, these are the facts, mostly because, it must be said here, people think you will get rich within weeks, or worse, getting rich and doing nothing for it.
6. Our industry is the best industry in the world, period, but you need to work almost day and night for it to see the first results.
7. Most people forget that building a strong foundation for your business will help you earning recurring monthly money a lot.
8. People are pitching and promoting like the other 98% of the marketers those people will quit soon, you see them all over the place pitching this week product A and next week product B, they will never be successful hands down.
9. Starting with a home based business is hard work, and constantly learning and growing when you are not willing to put hard work in this, you re in the wrong business period.
10. People don t like to sell. Really? People get serious our business is all about selling and when you don t like this, leave this business as soon as possible, you re in the wrong business.
11. Many people think you can start a business with just $2,- or $25,- and become successful. Really? Are you really serious about your business? Starting a home based business will cost not only time and a lot of it, but also money, Not loads of it, but you will need some money to pay for the autoresponders, the websites, and for putting Facebook ads, or other promotional stuff.

It would be great when there would be a FREE marketing system that would do almost all of the hard work

The best free 2014 marketing system
Please feel free to watch this webinar, even if you re in a different company or you Did not start a home based business yet, this FREE system will do almost all the work for you. If you re really serious about the business this is the best webinar to attend, so please click the claim my spot button now. Missed the button? Here is the link for the free webinar :) FREE WEBINAR


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Staples To Shut 225 Stores Say Goodbye To The 8 Hour Workday Madness called Job

Staples To Shut. 225 Stores Say Goodbye To The 8 Hour Workday Madness Called Job

And again bad news Staples the office suppliers shut down another 225 stores.
I feel really sorry for the workers who thought they had a "secure job" and now facing unemployment.
More and more people from all over the world are facing the same disaster as the workers from Staples. The time that people had a secure job for life is over.

The time people had a secure job is over

More and more people are waking up from the 8 hour workday madness called job.
It is almost insane to believe that after you attended school and perhaps University, than find a job, building or buying a home , buy some cars too, is the way of life, the government want s you to believe and practice, working all your life living from paycheck to the next one and still makes you believe this is the way of life everyone else is doing, so it would be normal.
But this is not normal, everybody has been given from the moment that you where born the right of freedom, freedom to choose where to work, how long to work and how to work and earn money for you and your family.
More and more people from all over the world are starting a completely new way of living, to live where they really want, to meet like minded people who are there to support each other and to help each other and to motivate each other. The home based business Industry is booming and the future is looking bright , very bright indeed.
I am not talking about the old fashioned network marketing in where you will need 100.000 people in the same organization so that one of them will earn more than $10.000 per month, no I am not talking about selling and pitching to the neighbors or to your friends or family, and no, we are not talking about buying lots of stuff, that will end in your garage, because no one wants that overpriced vitamins or body lotion.
We are talking about average people like you and me who want s a better life for them and their family, without the hassle of joining a network marketing company.
We are talking about the people s company, they started just 2 years ago and in 2013 they just paid out over $70.000.000 on commissions to their members.
I am talking about changing your life and those of so many others, I a talking about working with your pc or laptop or tablet from anywhere in the world, without having a huge stock of useless products, in the biggest market ever, the home based business market.
Please watch the video below, a normal woman, struggling for years from a tiny small apartment in the Bronx and how the people s company changed her life and the lives of her family.

An amazing story, Just one success story from many.
It is time that you are independent, your boss doesn t care about you, stop the rat race, start building your own dreams, start changing your life and help to change many other lives too.
You want more info, just click the lock arms button below and you will get all the info.


The Slowly Death Of So Many Old School Shops And Businesses What Went Wrong And What About The Future

The Slowly Death Of So Many Old School Shops And Businesses What Went Wrong And What about The Future

This sign we see more and more all over the world, and not only at the smaller shops but also at the big name chains.
I was walking at the shopping main street in the city where I used to live years ago, I was really shocked, so many shops closed so many empty stores I really thought I was in the wrong city, almost nobody on the streets, no sounds of city life, nothing.
Years ago, this main street was filled with people, young couples walking hand in hand, children fooling and playing around, the shops all filled with people, it was a real joy to walk thru this street and I was not the only one.

It all started with the travel agencies, suddenly most of them where gone.

A few years ago, you saw travel agencies almost at every corner in every city and village, with the nice ladies behind the desk, always friendly and always having the latest travel tips at hand.
Planning next vacation, holiday was like a sort of ritual first of all, we got the latest catalogs of the travel agencies, than at night with the whole family gathered, we picked some favorite destinations and we start to look for the right hotel, we spent hours and hours studying the catalogs and it was a huge part of the fun of the holiday.

Those days of studying the travel catalogs are way over

It is so easy nowadays click you re on the internet and click you are at one of the thousands travel or holiday sites comparing the prices made easy for us consumers, and click the next vacation with the family is already paid and booked and click, another "old school" travel agency around the corner vanished.

Many smaller shops underestimated the power of internet and when they noticed, it was too late

The example with the travel agencies is just one sad stories of so many, but it must be said here it is also the fault of the shop owners, most of them never thought that the internet would be the place to be, they did not realize that the time of going to a shop was almost over, more and more people are shopping online and for a good reason. It is fast, it is convenient, and the next day the ordered goods are already delivered at home.

Is there a future for normal old school shops?

 The answer is yes, absolutely, people are willing to go to the shop, meet the people and talk to them, but there must be an real shop and a internet shop at the same time, People than could close to get the ordered goods delivered or to pick them up at the store.
There are so many new business models that could work for the old school shop owner.
It is the same with working from home, there are so many people looking for a job from home, but most of the people are not interested anymore in the network marketing industry or to sell to neighbors, family and friends, and that for a tiny commission with the whole garage full of stuff you ve ordered and paid for, and nobody wants them, no there are so much better ways to start a really home based business. It is completely different than selling bodylotion or soap or healthy food or vitamins , we are talking here about the new way of working from home. Just using the internet as a tool to make you a nice recurring monthly income.
Like My Mentor Miles, a normal type of guy, started one year ago almost broke, now he is a top income earner and well on his way to become a Millionaire, please watch the video, enjoy!

An unbelievable story and a true one also, if you re interested in us , our community our products, the 100% commissions and more, please click at the Lock arms with us button.

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To Be Or Not To Be Or Why Many People Have Problems In Taking The First Step

To Be Or Not To Be Or Why Many People Have Problems In Taking The First Step

People are looking for a better way of living, this is something we all did in the past, we keep doing these days and will keep doing in the future, it is the art of nature, it is inside of most of us.

And I mean the most of us, it is still amazing, for me that so many people have difficulties chancing their lives for the better way, there are so many people don t want to take the next step in their lives, and always keep on dreaming and talking about a better lifestyle, but never dare to take the most important step in their live, taking the very first step.
Perhaps it is the "unknown" thing, perhaps it is fear for giving up habits we all use to have, but for me deciding starting with BIM and the people s company was not a matter of earning money, but uch more changing my way of life, my way of earning money, my way of choosing the right people around me, my way of committing myself learning and growing everyday, it was my way of choosing the right mentor, as you may know by now I have not one but two mentors, Miles Segers and Vick Strizheus.
More important is taking the first step, and I mean the first step you take in your mindset, before doing the right thing and start changing your life and those of so many others.
And yes it is all about changing lives, and you know what? I am loving it!!


zaterdag 1 maart 2014

I did it, I start a completely different way of life traveling the world with a tablet and a backpack

I did it, I start a new completely different way of living traveling the world with just a tablet and a backpack


It is unbelievable but really true, from Tuesday next week I will start traveling all over the world with just myself, my backpack and a tablet, I have thought about doing this for a long time and finally I told myself, "It is now or never" and yes people think I am crazy leaving everything behind and start traveling the world mostly by walking from one place to another.

I wanted to do this for a long time now, I sold everything and bought a new windows surface 2 tablet, a backpack some clothes and that's all.

For me it is all about freedom, just like the business I am in, with Big Idea Mastermind and empower network, it is not only about the money, it is much more a way of life, we call it the BIM lifestyle, helping others to escape to daily prison, we call work.

Start doing those things you always wanted, start living the life you really want

Many people dream about doing what I and Hundreds of thousands from all over the world are doing, living the life they always ve dreamed about.

I am so blessed having not one but two Mentors, because having a mentor in our Industry is an absolutely must, I believe, when you re reading books like: "The secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by T.Harv Eker, and still one of my favorites and the book that really changed my way of thinking, than you will know why rich and successful people are successful, and yes also because having a coach, a mentor and to surround you with successful people.

So I will keep you all updated, traveling the world meeting new people and living the BIM lifestyle with internet marketing with Big Idea Mastermind and the People s Company.

Here is a video of one of my mentor, Miles Segers, hope you will like it.

Please click here for more info and to lock arms with me