donderdag 6 maart 2014

Staples To Shut 225 Stores Say Goodbye To The 8 Hour Workday Madness called Job

Staples To Shut. 225 Stores Say Goodbye To The 8 Hour Workday Madness Called Job
And again bad news Staples the office suppliers shut down another 225 stores.
I feel really sorry for the workers who thought they had a "secure job" and now facing unemployment.
More and more people from all over the world are facing the same disaster as the workers from Staples. The time that people had a secure job for life is over.

The time people had a secure job is over

More and more people are waking up from the 8 hour workday madness called job.
It is almost insane to believe that after you attended school and perhaps University, than find a job, building or buying a home , buy some cars too, is the way of life, the government want s you to believe and practice, working all your life living from paycheck to the next one and still makes you believe this is the way of life everyone else is doing, so it would be normal.
But this is not normal, everybody has been given from the moment that you where born the right of freedom, freedom to choose where to work, how long to work and how to work and earn money for you and your family.
More and more people from all over the world are starting a completely new way of living, to live where they really want, to meet like minded people who are there to support each other and to help each other and to motivate each other. The home based business Industry is booming and the future is looking bright , very bright indeed.
I am not talking about the old fashioned network marketing in where you will need 100.000 people in the same organization so that one of them will earn more than $10.000 per month, no I am not talking about selling and pitching to the neighbors or to your friends or family, and no, we are not talking about buying lots of stuff, that will end in your garage, because no one wants that overpriced vitamins or body lotion.
We are talking about average people like you and me who want s a better life for them and their family, without the hassle of joining a network marketing company.
We are talking about the people s company, they started just 2 years ago and in 2013 they just paid out over $70.000.000 on commissions to their members.
I am talking about changing your life and those of so many others, I a talking about working with your pc or laptop or tablet from anywhere in the world, without having a huge stock of useless products, in the biggest market ever, the home based business market.
Please watch the video below, a normal woman, struggling for years from a tiny small apartment in the Bronx and how the people s company changed her life and the lives of her family.

An amazing story, Just one success story from many.
It is time that you are independent, your boss doesn t care about you, stop the rat race, start building your own dreams, start changing your life and help to change many other lives too.
You want more info, just click the lock arms button below and you will get all the info.


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