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The Slowly Death Of So Many Old School Shops And Businesses What Went Wrong And What About The Future

The Slowly Death Of So Many Old School Shops And Businesses What Went Wrong And What about The Future

This sign we see more and more all over the world, and not only at the smaller shops but also at the big name chains.
I was walking at the shopping main street in the city where I used to live years ago, I was really shocked, so many shops closed so many empty stores I really thought I was in the wrong city, almost nobody on the streets, no sounds of city life, nothing.
Years ago, this main street was filled with people, young couples walking hand in hand, children fooling and playing around, the shops all filled with people, it was a real joy to walk thru this street and I was not the only one.

It all started with the travel agencies, suddenly most of them where gone.

A few years ago, you saw travel agencies almost at every corner in every city and village, with the nice ladies behind the desk, always friendly and always having the latest travel tips at hand.
Planning next vacation, holiday was like a sort of ritual first of all, we got the latest catalogs of the travel agencies, than at night with the whole family gathered, we picked some favorite destinations and we start to look for the right hotel, we spent hours and hours studying the catalogs and it was a huge part of the fun of the holiday.

Those days of studying the travel catalogs are way over

It is so easy nowadays click you re on the internet and click you are at one of the thousands travel or holiday sites comparing the prices made easy for us consumers, and click the next vacation with the family is already paid and booked and click, another "old school" travel agency around the corner vanished.

Many smaller shops underestimated the power of internet and when they noticed, it was too late

The example with the travel agencies is just one sad stories of so many, but it must be said here it is also the fault of the shop owners, most of them never thought that the internet would be the place to be, they did not realize that the time of going to a shop was almost over, more and more people are shopping online and for a good reason. It is fast, it is convenient, and the next day the ordered goods are already delivered at home.

Is there a future for normal old school shops?

 The answer is yes, absolutely, people are willing to go to the shop, meet the people and talk to them, but there must be an real shop and a internet shop at the same time, People than could close to get the ordered goods delivered or to pick them up at the store.
There are so many new business models that could work for the old school shop owner.
It is the same with working from home, there are so many people looking for a job from home, but most of the people are not interested anymore in the network marketing industry or to sell to neighbors, family and friends, and that for a tiny commission with the whole garage full of stuff you ve ordered and paid for, and nobody wants them, no there are so much better ways to start a really home based business. It is completely different than selling bodylotion or soap or healthy food or vitamins , we are talking here about the new way of working from home. Just using the internet as a tool to make you a nice recurring monthly income.
Like My Mentor Miles, a normal type of guy, started one year ago almost broke, now he is a top income earner and well on his way to become a Millionaire, please watch the video, enjoy!
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