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The Value You Choose You Are Worth Instead Of Getting Paid By The Hour Is Life Changing

The Value You Choose You Are Instead Of Getting Paid By The Hour Is Life Changing


The value you choose you are instead of getting paid by the hour is life changing

There is a worldwide "awareness" going on, people are "waking up" out of the 8 hour workday madness called "work".
After the first worldwide crisis where so many people have lost their jobs, their "thought they have security" their believe in the future. When you are start thinking about this, most of the things our parents reached us, the school reached us, the government reached us, just vanished.
It is unbelievable now, that my parents talked to me as a kid: "go to school, learn everyday, do your homework" and when I grew up: "Get a job, buy a house" we all know these "lessons" we all know by now (most of us) that there ins t a secure job any more, people lost their jobs, their homes almost everything they worked for and believed in within days during the financial crisis. It was and is shocking to see families getting broke within weeks after working for years and years living from paycheck to paycheck and still believing in the security and safety of a steady 9 to 5 job, I call now the 8 hour workday madness.
Every few minutes someone on this beautiful planet starts a home based business, this means people don t believe in the government lies anymore to start working and earn the tax money and living from paycheck to the next paycheck.

People from all over the world are sick and tired of the lies of the government

Your boss don t care about you, you re just "selling" your hours for the work everyday, they want you to become 100% dependable of them, that is what I mean with living from paycheck to paycheck, when you sit down for a minute and start to calculate how much from your paycheck you actually MUST use to keep working? I mean your car payments to drive to work, the gas to put in the cars, your home payments , clothes , food calculate them and you will be shocked, 60% from your paycheck you reinvest in the next week or month only to be able to go to work, think about that, this is the truly 8 hour workday madness called work.

Wake up from the 8 hour workday madness called work


"Normal" people from all over the world want to change their lives, change the way they earn money, change the way they communicate with others, change the way of doing business, change the way of earning. Money, change the way of building a real recurring monthly income, change the way of thinking change the way to work with other people, change the way we teach and train people.

So many people are thinking about starting a home based business

Why are people starting a home based business?
1. Work from home, you can work from anywhere on this planet
2. You decide when you work and how long you work
3. No boss, you who decides what to do, how to do and from where you do this.
4. The possibility to build a recurring monthly income, even when you decide to take some time off.
5. You decide from where you wan to work, from the beach with your laptop or a tablet, traveling the world and earning money.
6. Working with like minded people who don t want your position like in a "normal job" but are open and willing to share the latest marketing secrets, just to help you.
surround you with like minded people from all over the world, it will lift you up, and also your business, promised.
7.Working with people from all over the world, so your business will never sleep, even if you do.
8.Self improvement, with the right company, you start to learn those things the government Dian t wanted you to know, your mindset will change, your way of living will change, how you interact with people will change, the way of doing business will change and the way you get paid will change.
9. Empower others to become successful within your business, these things you won t notice and feel in a normal job.
10. To work with other to help them become successful is the best feeling you can get, period.
The problems people face when starting a home based business.
1. You re your own boss, there is nobody to kick you out of your bed in the morning
2. So much to learn, many people get a little overwhelmed when starting a home based business
3. 87% starts with the wrong company the first time they start a home based business.
4. Most of the people are too focused about earning money, and earn..... nothing
5. Most people who start with the home based business industry will quit within 3 months, these are the facts, mostly because, it must be said here, people think you will get rich within weeks, or worse, getting rich and doing nothing for it.
6. Our industry is the best industry in the world, period, but you need to work almost day and night for it to see the first results.
7. Most people forget that building a strong foundation for your business will help you earning recurring monthly money a lot.
8. People are pitching and promoting like the other 98% of the marketers those people will quit soon, you see them all over the place pitching this week product A and next week product B, they will never be successful hands down.
9. Starting with a home based business is hard work, and constantly learning and growing when you are not willing to put hard work in this, you re in the wrong business period.
10. People don t like to sell. Really? People get serious our business is all about selling and when you don t like this, leave this business as soon as possible, you re in the wrong business.
11. Many people think you can start a business with just $2,- or $25,- and become successful. Really? Are you really serious about your business? Starting a home based business will cost not only time and a lot of it, but also money, Not loads of it, but you will need some money to pay for the autoresponders, the websites, and for putting Facebook ads, or other promotional stuff.

It would be great when there would be a FREE marketing system that would do almost all of the hard work

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