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Yes I know This Internet Thing Already I Do Not Know How To Sell Stuff

Yes I know This Internet Thing Already I Do Not Know How To Sell Stuff


Yes I know This Internet Thing Already I Do Not Know How To Sell Stuff
It is funny, when you talk to people about internet marketing and they don t realize that our business is mainly a "selling stuff" business.
By hearing the words Selling Stuff most people reactions are almost always the same: " I don t know how to sell stuff, I don t like selling stuff".
But the truth is, we are all used to buy stuff and we are used that other people or companies are selling us more stuff.

"Do you want a large French fries and do you want a large coke?"


Sounds familiar? Big fast food companies do this "selling stuff" every second but we are all except this and find these selling stuff thing normal. By the way, by just asking for a large French fries this fast food company earns an extra few Millions per year per country. Just by asking/selling stuff.

We are all the best salespersons on this planet

In our internet marketing business there is no difference between selling stuff as showed you in our example here. Most people still feel a little negative when you start talking about the selling stuff thing, but we are all the best sales people ever on this planet and yes, you, dear reader, too!

Just think about a kid who want s a dog, and you as a father or a mother don t want a dog in the house for several reasons (no I don t hate dogs, I love them, this is just an example folks:)  ), but your kid is begging you and is telling you all the things he or she will do when he or she will get the dog.
Washing dad s car on Saturday, helping you with shopping, etc. We all know that at the moment the kid gets his or her dog, soon the promises he or she made, vanished, it is all about  selling stuff :) Sounds familiar?

Children are by far the best salespersons in the world

We, the internet marketers sell stuff, that s our core business and when you are thinking about starting your own home based business, you will soon find out that the home based business is also all about selling stuff.

But most marketers are still pitching their prospects

Marketers are pitching too much, "you must built your list" is one of the first thing internet marketers will hear and learn after they joined a (internet) marketing company and yes, this was true, a fewer years ago.
The problem is that 98% of all marketers who are building a list are communicating the old school and wrong way with their subscribers, bombing them with emails containing the pitch to buy, buy and.... buy stuff, most marketers seems to forget that the people on their list, are also on many other lists and guess what they get in their email inbox everyday, right, pitching emails.
The fact is that the open rate of emails from emails list dropped down dramatically over the last years, nobody seems to be interested in your offer anymore, worse, they don t open your emails anymore!



Many marketers who'll quit the internet marketing business because they don t sell anything, nobody seems interested in their product/system of the century offer.
But the truth is, every 2 seconds someone on this planet starts with a home based business and is looking for a realistic and profitable opportunity, so the market is really Huge, I mean Mega Huge.
Most Marketers also fail after some months because lack of success, it is all too difficult, setting up a blog, an auto responder, creating landing pages, and most of all, getting a lot of (free) traffic to their blog, or landing pages.
There is a fully automated system almost ready to launch worldwide, which has been in development for the last years secretly. No one push button software or system but a complete ready to fire system that really works, and the best part, this is, during the pre launch period completely free to join, so you can look and test the whole system. And I tell you this works, it really does.



YES, as told before, this complete automated system is free during the pre launch period, you can test everything and even make a lot of money with it, before you start to pay for something, there is no better way to test something out there and this fully automated state of the art marketing system will blow you away, that s a fact.
Please click the Lock arms button to start your "test run" thank me later for this tip.

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