maandag 3 maart 2014

To Be Or Not To Be Or Why Many People Have Problems In Taking The First Step

To Be Or Not To Be Or Why Many People Have Problems In Taking The First Step
People are looking for a better way of living, this is something we all did in the past, we keep doing these days and will keep doing in the future, it is the art of nature, it is inside of most of us.

And I mean the most of us, it is still amazing, for me that so many people have difficulties chancing their lives for the better way, there are so many people don t want to take the next step in their lives, and always keep on dreaming and talking about a better lifestyle, but never dare to take the most important step in their live, taking the very first step.
Perhaps it is the "unknown" thing, perhaps it is fear for giving up habits we all use to have, but for me deciding starting with BIM and the people s company was not a matter of earning money, but uch more changing my way of life, my way of earning money, my way of choosing the right people around me, my way of committing myself learning and growing everyday, it was my way of choosing the right mentor, as you may know by now I have not one but two mentors, Miles Segers and Vick Strizheus.
More important is taking the first step, and I mean the first step you take in your mindset, before doing the right thing and start changing your life and those of so many others.
And yes it is all about changing lives, and you know what? I am loving it!!

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