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What Keeps Me Going On Doing What I really Love Everyday Online Marketing

What Keeps Me Going On Doing What I really Love Everyday Online Marketing


What Keeps Me Going On Doing What I really Love Everyday Online Marketing

I love what I do everyday, working within the Online marketing business, but what most people don t know is what really keeps me motivated and of course I have a big why, I have even written my why down, before I go to sleep I always imagine that I am already there where I will be in the near future.

What me really motivate again ad again is watching the videos of one of my two Mentors, Miles Segers.
I have never told him that or even talked about this subject but here it is, today is my Miles Segers day.

Thank you Miles Segers for putting so much time and afford for uploading your videos almost everyday, I watch them several times and yes I even download some of them and put them on my Blogs, like the video on this page. For me they are all motivating and it is another example working with real people earning realistic real money.
Most of us know what rough times mean in life and we all (must) face them from time to time, at the moment I am experiencing those times but as Napoleon Hill wrote "before immense success in life most entrepreneurs will face hard times" for me I really feel that these times are the last chapter of a book called "your life before you became successful" it is like a test, the Universe is testing us, me right now if I am up to the challenge, if I am the right person who deserves to become successful.

I have never talked about these things till now, it is true, I have worked all my life, was very successful within the direct sales industry in Europe, but there was always a feeling of being incomplete in my life.

Big Idea Mastermind is my life

I joined Big Idea Mastermind last year June, and did I already earned a million Dollars? No, but I will be, everyday I learn more and more, yes I am that kind of person who will sit at night in front of my computer screen and watch the life webinars from my other mentor, Vick Strizheus. He told me: "dig your own well, find your own unique way" to be honest it was difficult for me, not because "it didn t work" but because I totally forgot ( or I wasn t ready for it) to start working on myself, and after I start reading books every day and listen to audio everyday, I start to know more and more about myself than during the last 50 years, for me this is an amazing journey and I know, I am still not there but the family of members of Big Idea Mastermind and the peoples company are my family, I really feel this way.

My plan is this, I will sell everything I own and start traveling to those countries I ve always dreamed about, just with a "backpack" and a tablet I will work fulltime as a marketer, a Bimmer. I will create a new blog, the tablettraveler and I will post everyday my "adventures" in writing and with videos.

There is no way back for me, I will not accept defeat

A famous General long time ago ordered to burn all of his ships before attacking the enemy and although there where totally outnumbered they ve won the battle. I am the general, with no ships, just my backpack and my tablet I will become successful, my mindset is already been programmed becoming successful.

And although people like Miles Segers and Vick Strizheus don t know(until now) how they influence my life and my way of thinking positively, I really want to take a moment to thank them both, for who they are, and what they are doing for other people and even it is a video Miles uploaded or just a like on Facebook, these 2 persons mean the world to me. Thank you guys for being who you are.


Real people, Real stories, Real Money, and a realistic Blueprint for everybody

This is also why I love my Big Idea Mastermind family and my Mentors, they are real, no bla bla, help is always there when really needed, no pitching, never a feeling of to be only a number or just a teammember. This is for real folks, if you re really interested in building a business together with a real company and a proven blueprint, lock arms with us, It would be such a great honor to have you on board, also as someone who is traveling with me through my writings and videos, everyday as soon as I start my journey.
click for more info the lock arms button, you won t regret this, promised.

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